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CWA Local 1033

321 W. State Street
Trenton, NJ 08618

Telephone: (609)394-7725
Fax: (609)393-7111


President: Gaye Palmer

Executive Vice President: Michele A. Greaves

Treasurer: Dennis W. Reiter

Recording Secretary: Roberto Sayers

Executive Board:

Admin. / Clerical Vice President: Rodney Stevens

Primary Level Vice President: Kelvin Haywood

Professional Level Vice President: John Strachan

Higher Level Vice President: Raymond Weicker


CWA Local 1033 Staff

If you need assistance and are unsure of who to contact, give us a call at 609-394-7725

Staff Representatives:

Michele A. Greaves, Executive Vice President

Rodney Nichols, Senior Staff Representative

Deborah Jacobs, Staff Representative

Maryann Piuno-Smith, Staff Representative

Erin Fagan, Staff Representative

Support Staff:

Joy Young, Confidential Assistant

Sharon Godett, Support Staff

Jeanette Heads, Support Staff


Area Representatives:

Department of Treasury (Area 1): Vacant

Department of Law & Public Safety (Area 2): Sharon Brooks

Department of Education (Area 3): Vacant

Department of State & Military & Veteran Affairs (Area 4): Vacant

Division of Taxation (Area 5): Regina M. Jackson

Motor Vehicle Commission (Area 6): Scharkner Michaud

Division of Revenue (Area 7): Seth Robinson

Intermittent (Area 8): Vacant

Department of Banking & Insurance (Area 9): Vincent Kaign

Division of Pensions (Area 10): Vacant

Division of State Police Civilian Personnel (Area 11): Deborah Cole