Education Equity Committee

The vision of Education Equity Committee is to educate and inspire women and empower members of all genders, religions, sexual orientations, ages, and those with disabilities, to give them a voice, to know their rights, and to put a stop to discrimination both in the workplace and in society.  We are also working to educate our younger members on the importance of the union and how working with members of diverse coalitions can result in positive change.

We encourage all members to provide us with feedback on issues you would like the committee to address.

Recent accomplishments include obtaining statewide departmental compliance with the law that requires the employer to provide private accommodations to its female employees who are nursing mothers.

Ms. Regina M. Jackson, Chair
Education Equity Committee

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Legislative Political Action Committee

Shall assist in developing and pursuing the program of the union and the Local in The Legislative/Political field as well as register qualified voters in the local.

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Next Generation Committee

Our mission is to identify, recruit, and train young CWA members who will serve and strengthen our movement for social and economic justice through engagement in CWA’s core programs, including CWA Strong, Human Rights, Organizing, and Political Action.  If you’re a CWA member who is 35 or under and want to learn and lead, you belong in Next Gen. Be part of CWA’s future. Join us.

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Retiree Committee

We may be retired but we remain active in the life of our union.  Because of the steady erosion in the retirement security of most Americans, we believe it’s essential that we actively participate in the struggle to protect our benefits.  CWA retirees have input into key retiree programs as they are shaped through contract negotiations and or legislation.  We work hard to safeguard and enhance our retirement in many ways.

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Election Committee

Shall conduct all nominations and election processes of the Executive Board elections of the local, and any other referendum of the local.

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By-Laws Committee

Shall meet prior to the opening date of the Convention for the purpose of giving consideration to proposed resolutions submitted through the Local and by members for action by the Convention.  The committee may also originate By-laws for submission to the Convention.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee accepts membership applications in accordance with the by-laws and rules of Local 1033 and the constitution of the Union.

Organizing/Mobilizing Committee

Shall assist the Local officers and members in organizing all non-union employees within the Local’s jurisdiction.

Social Activities And Civic Duties Committee

Shall assist in the development of all Community Service Programs and the committee also plans and carries out all the social activities of the local.

Editorial Committee

Shall be responsible for the locals quarterly newsletters and social media communications.  Shall be responsible for gathering current information on all issues affecting the membership of our local.

AD-HOC Committee

Ad-hoc committees may be formed or dissolved as needed in accordance with the by-laws of CWA 1033.