Victory! Sept. 1st pay day due to shutdown

Below is information from the State regarding payment for the state shutdown on July 1, 2, and 3:

  • Pay for the shutdown furlough will be issued in a supplemental check on payroll date R, which is September 1. Taxes will be deducted as normal, but other deductions (healthcare, pension, union dues) were already charged in the prior 9-day pay covering the shutdown period.
  • Overtime will be recalculated for the period of the shutdown for eligible employees.
  • Non-essential employees who were placed in no-pay status during the shutdown will be paid for the furlough time. This will be paid by the state, not charged to benefit time.
  • Employees who would have been on FMLA, State Family Leave and/or unpaid leave of absence even if the State had not shut down, including unpaid voluntary furloughs, will have time sheet adjusted accordingly to reflect that leave.