CWA Local 1033 Final Certification of Election Run-Off for Secretary Results

The members of the Local Election Committee certify that the results of the tabulation of the ballots cast in the run-off election for the position of Secretary were as follows: View official announcement: Final Runoff Results for Secretary

Roberto Sayers: 163 

Shelly Manners: 146 

***CWA Local 1033 By – Laws, Article XIV, Section 3. A. states: The nominee in the election for President, Executive Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer receiving the majority of votes shall be declared elected. In case no one nominee receives a majority of votes cast, the Election Committee shall conduct a run – off election. The two nominees having the greatest number of votes o n the first ballot shall be nominees on the second ballot.

The Election Committee hereby certifies Roberto Sayers as duly elected Secretary and Representative of CWA Local 1033.

We extend our thanks and best wishes to all who participated in the election process.  Let us now work together for the betterment of CWA Local 1033 and all the workers whom our Union Represents.


CWA Local 1033 Election Committee

Sharon Godett, Chair
Jeanette Heads, Co-Chair
Errick Wiggins, Secretary
Frederique Adam-Jupillat, Committee Member