Make 3 calls for a fair budget!

Make 3 Calls for a FAIR BUDGET!  Call your STATE SENATOR and BOTH ASSEMBLYMEMBERS NOW!  609-400-4763

Governor Murphy’s Budget Plan:

  • Invest in education and transportation
  • Rebuild services after Christie
  • Record pension payment
  • Tax millionairs and corporations

After eight years of Chris Christie, New Jersey needs to rebuild.  Governor Phil Murphy has introduced a responsible budget to help us do just that.  Now we need to get it passed.

Instead of relying on budget gimmicks, Murphy wants to invest in our communities with initiatives like a millionaire’s tax and by closing corporate tax loopholes.

Some Legislative leaders are talking about shutting down state government or more health care and pension cuts to public workers BEFORE raising taxes on millionaires.


You’ll be prompted to enter your zip code to connect to your Legislators.  Tell them:

“My name is _____ and I live in ____.  After 8 years of failed budget priorities, it’s time to tax millionaires to invest in education, transportation, services, and pensions.  Support Governor Murphy’s budget with SUSTAINABLE new revenue, including a millionaire’s tax.”