We remember our brother, Gerry Horgan CWA Local 1103 Chief Steward.

Today we remember our brother, CWA LOCAL 1103 Chief Steward Gerry Horgan. Gerry, remembered as “natural born leader” and “the epitome of what a union representative should be,” was killed on this day 30 years ago while on the picket line, fighting alongside his CWA brothers and sisters for healthcare benefits in the 1989 strike against NYNEX.

If you’ve ever asked yourself why we wear red on Thursdays, it started for Gerry – at his funeral a line of CWAers wearing red stretched for a mile along the route to the church, and members began wearing red on Thursdays to honor and remember Gerry, a tradition that has spread throughout the country and continued to this day. #CWASTRONG #IfItsThursdayWeWearRed