“We Demand: The Suffrage Road Trip” Women’s History Month Virtual Event With the Alice Paul Institute

In honor of Women’s History Month we would like to invite you and our members to a Zoom event on Saturday, March 12, 2022 at 2:00 pm with the Alice Paul Institute.  The title is “We Demand: The Suffrage Road Trip”.  This is a free event so we do not have to pay anything out of our budget to attend it.

Please click on the link below to register for the event. Also, please read the event description below.

We Demand: The Suffrage Road Trip – Alice Paul Institute

We Demand: The Suffrage Road Trip

Saturday, March 12 at 2 PM

No one gave women the right to vote. They had to fight for it. The novel We Demand: The Suffrage Road Trip tells the story of extraordinary lengths women went to for win voting rights. It is based on the true story of one such event- an epic cross country roadtrip. 

In 1915 four women left San Francisco for Washington D.C. on a desperate and dangerous mission. They were going to demand an amendment to the U.S. Constitution enfranchising women. The story unfolds through the eyes of Ingeborg Kindstedt and Maria Kindberg, middle-aged Swedish immigrants who owned the car, did the driving, and fixed what went wrong. The roads were terrible, and the weather was worse. They lost their way in a trackless Nevada desert and got stuck in the mud in Kansas… Between the logistical setbacks and cultural resistance, how could they hope to arrive in D.C. on their appointed day and time?

Author Anne B. Gass’s extensive research into the original trip took her along the same route herself 100 years later, in 2015. In this talk she will share details of both trips, show historic photos, and discuss her approach to bringing these previously little-known women back to life through her writing.