9/13/22 12 Noon Mass Union Rally at the Statehouse to Fight Drastic Increases to our Health Benefits Contributions

All are welcome! Bring your co-workers, your family, your congregation, your community to fight to keep our healthcare affordable! Wear RED!

State Health Benefits Program (SHBP) Rate Increase InformationState Health Benefits Program (SHBP) Rate Increase Information

How much has, Aon, the state’s consultant, proposed raising healthcare rates for 2023?
The proposed increase is 20.7% for people in CWA Unity and 18.6% for state workers in other
plans, but over 22% for Local Government workers in NJ Direct 10 or 15.

Are 20% plus increases in health premiums for 2023 typical?
No. Large employers are seeing increases in the 7.0 to 8.0% range.

Why is the proposed health insurance premium increase so high?
Our insurance carrier, Horizon, has failed to meet multiple guarantees of cost savings.
Additionally, the state’s consultant Aon is stating that the increase is due to inflation and “COVID
Bounce Back”. We believe that Aon has again overestimated the need for an increase.

Who has the authority to approve the premium rates?
Formally the SHBP Commission and the SEHBP Commission have the authority to determine,
and approve the premium rates. Unfortunately on the SHBP Commission union members are in
the minority.

Is CWA in negotiation to stop the health premium increase?
CWA and the other state worker unions have contract re-openers that are triggered when
proposed rate increases are this high. Conversation and negotiation have already begun
between the unions and the state to find ways to stop the proposed health care increase.
Agreements reached at the bargaining table are then implemented by the Plan Design
Committee and Commission.

Who else impacts health premium rates?
The State Health Benefits Plan Design Committees, composed of equal numbers of union and
management representatives, can make changes to plan design and implementation that can
save money that end or lower the need for premium increases. The Union members on the
PDC propose changes that lessen payments to providers and insurers without increasing
member costs or decreasing our benefits.

What could the proposed increase cost me?
If the state doesn’t negotiate to lower premiums, you could pay over 20% more in payroll health
contributions every pay period. The actual amount you could lose depends on the type of
coverage you have (single, family, etc.) and your income. See the next chart for a few
examples for members in CWA Unity/NJ Direct, Omnia or the high deductible plans.

What are we doing to fight this increase?
CWA has put together a coalition of state and local government worker unions to increase our
power. We are also at the bargaining table with the state to stop the increase.

What can my co-workers, family and I do?
Call the Governor at 833-479-1993 during the day on your lunch and break time and tell him to
stop the health contribution increase. (see attached flyer)

What else can we do?
Attend the All-Union Rally at the Statehouse on Tuesday September 13 at Noon to stop the
health contribution increase.  Plan now to take off the time you need to attend. Contact your
local union for information about transportation and staging locations to the rally. (see attached

Take action by calling (833) 479-1993 to connect with the Governor and tell him “No increases to our State Health Benefits contributions!”