Certification of 2023 Election Candidates

As you all know 2023 is the year for the Election of Officers for CWA Local 1033. The term of office for all elected positions shall be three (3) years. The newly elected officers shall take office in November and sworn in at the December 2023 membership meeting. Each candidate must have signed petitions containing the requisite number of signatures to be eligible for the running of said position.

President, Executive Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer need 200 valid signatures from the Local Membership. Vice President Bargaining Unit Representative Administrative/Clerical need 60, Professional and Primary-Level Supervisory need 25, Higher-Level Supervisory need 5, and Areas 1-9 need 30 valid signatures within their respective units.

If only one (1) nominating petition is submitted for a particular office and duly certified (received requisite numbers) by the Local Elections Committee, that person so nominated will be declared elected and certified the winner by the Local Elections Committee for that office. If a nominee is declared elected, ballots for that elected office will not be sent out to the Local Membership.

There are some open positions where there were no candidates for that position. The Local President can appoint someone for these positions within two months for the remainder of the term. The appointments are then presented to the Local Executive Board for approval and then the Local Membership.

Ballots will only be sent to Area 7 (Division of Revenue & Enterprise Services and Division of Pension and Benefits) Local members in good standing on October 3, 2023.

Below are the Certified Candidates that will take office in November that were duly certified by the Election Committee.

August 31, 2023 Certification of Candidates

 CWA Local 1033 

2023 Election of Officers

Gaye Palmer – Certified                                                                                                    
  Executive Vice President
Michele Greaves – Certified        
Shameko Defreitas – Not Certified                                                     
 Kathi Cooley – Certified                                                        
Raymond Weicker – Certified           

Administrative Clerical A/C Vice President

Misty Lammons – Certified                                                                      

Professionals (P) Vice President

Kimberly Deo – Certified                                                                

Primary Level Supervisory(R) Vice President Open Position

Higher Level Supervisory (S) Vice President   Open Position

Area 1 Representative (Treasury/Except Taxation) Open Position

Area 2 Representative (Law & Public Safety/Excluding State Police – Public Defender)  Open Position

Area 3 Representative

(Education – Marie Katzenbach School for the Deaf – State Library – TB&BC – Dept. of Children & Families/Office of Education and Regional Day School)

Joyce Scott – Certified                                                                 

Area 4 (Dept. of State – Dept. of Military & Veterans Affairs – Dept. of Human Services/Division of Aging)

Representative  Open Position

Area 5 Representative (Division of Taxation)

Regina M. Jackson – Certified                                                      

Area 6 Representative (MVC)  Open Position

Area 7 Representative (Division of Revenue & Enterprise Services and Division of Pensions & Benefits)

Seth Robinson  – Certified                                                                 

Lisa Cox – Certified                                                                         

Kimberley Cook – Certified                                                                                                                                                     

Area 8 Representative (Banking and Insurance & the

Real Estate Commission)

Freddy Brinkman – Certified                                                                         

Area 9 Representative (Division of NJ State Police (within Dept. of Law & Public Safety) and NJ State Parole Board (Not Covered by other CWA Locals)  

Deborah Cole – Certified                                                               

The undersigned serves on the Elections Committee and certify the above:

Jeanette Heads, Chair

Desiree Evert

Christopher Parker

Clifford Cooper

Marzena Sample

Andrew Sampson