Your Retirement Security is at Stake in the PERS Election

When you receive your PERS ballot, please consider voting to re-elect AFT Brother Carey Brown as a Board Trustee.

The money you have invested in the Public Employees’ Retirement System will give you a comfortable lifestyle after you finish your service to New Jersey … if the Board of Trustees continues to act in your best financial interests.

I have developed a close working relationship with all the major public employee unions, including AFSCME, AFT, CWA, IFPTE, and others. The New Jersey State AFL-CIO and I have worked together for over 10 years on several pension projects and I am proud to be a union member.

That’s why it’s important to re-elect a Trustee who has always put his fellow workers first. That’s why it’s important to re-elect a rank-and-file union brother who watches out for union members and their hard-earned pensions.

That’s why it’s important to vote to re-elect Carey Brown, the union-endorsed PERS Trustee who has been a watchdog on your behalf for six years and who will continue to ensure that state pension funds are managed wisely if you re-elect him.          

On or after March 29, your employer will give you your PERS ballot. Voting by mail, by phone or online, starts the minute you get the ballot and ends May 28.

Visit for information about this important election, including a sample ballot and full instructions on how to vote.

Don’t miss out! Your future is at stake!

What is PERS?

If you are a public employee, money deducted from your paycheck to save for your retirement is invested in PERS, the New Jersey Public Employees’ Retirement System.

The State of New Jersey established PERS in 1955.

The New Jersey Division of Pensions & Benefits handles all administrative functions of the retirement system except for investment.

The PERS Board of Trustees has the responsibility for the proper operation of the retirement system. The Trustees adopt rules and regulations to provide for the payment of benefits and the collection of money. The Trustees watch out for the best interests of retirees and future retirees. 

The Board consists of:

  • Six employee representatives
  • The State Treasurer
  • Two individuals appointed by the Governor, with the advice and consent of the Senate

The Board meets once a month.