Bargaining Upate

Click here for printable .PDF of CWA Bargaining Report 3/14/18

Brothers and Sisters,

Your CWA Bargaining Committee and the Murphy Administration are currently involved in formal contract negotiations to resolve all legal, contractual and retroactive matters.  As members know, our contract expired in July 2015.  Our bargaining covers all issues retroactive to that date.

We have litigation around step increases and other issues, open clothing allowance disputes, and important contract language at stake.  Both sides are working aggressively to resolve all outstanding issues as quickly as possible.

Bargaining will continue next week and we expect progress to continue until we reach conclusion of these outstanding issues.

The patience and solidarity of our CWA membership has bested every unprecedented attack on us during the last eight years.  Please continue to support your Bargaining Committee in this push to reach a tentative agreement.

You can show your support of the Bargaining Committee by wearing RED on Thursdays, especially over the net two weeks.  Be sure to attend your Local Worksite and Membership Meetings where the most recent developments will be discussed.

Thank you,


Gaye Palmer, President
CWA Local 1033