After months of bargaining with the State and patience and collective efforts from CWA members across all New Jersey locals, the membership has overwhelmingly voted 94% to 6% to ratify the newly negotiated 2023-2027 contract.  The results by unit are:

Administrative Clerical Unit                                                        Professional Unit

YES – 96.21%                                                                                      YES – 93.97%.

NO – 3.79%                                                                                          NO – 6.03%

Primary Level Supervisory Unit                                                 Higher Level Supervisory Unit

YES – 92.77%                                                                                      YES – 92.6%

NO – 7.23%                                                                                          NO – 7.4%

The new contract outlines the strongest wage increases in over a decade, with some members earning up to a 56% wage increase over the life of the contract.  This contract also protects healthcare, creates a new 11th Step which raises maximum salaries for every member, and establishes a new CWA minimum wage.

Members across the state expressed strong support for the contract, knowing this is the best agreement we have seen in many years.  The patience displayed by the rank and file during the bargaining process allowed the Bargaining Committee time to secure a contract that provides an aggressive salary path for newly hired workers, permanently raises salaries for those maxed out, creates a new CWA minimum hiring wage, provides for a living wage for our lowest paid workers, protects healthcare costs, and paves the way for a permanent Telework program. 

President Gaye Palmer, along with the elected leadership of Local 1033, credit the members for a strong turnout in voter participation through the ratification process.  We proved once again we are more effective when we stick together.